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March 23, 2012
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Here are the reader insert ideas that I haven't finished yet, there will be just ideas then those that I actually have something written.
CanadaxReader - Hockey
AmericaxReader- "American Trash" based on this song: (and yes it's an English band)…
ShizuoxReader story (Durarara)
PrussiaxReader- Reader is sick with head cold
RussiaxReader- its blizzarding out and Russia ends up having to go somewhere. Reader insits on going with despite the weather and Russia protests.
AmericaxReader- has no name yet
    That day started just like any other day. It was a Tuesday, and a world meeting at that. Alfred was up to his usual antics, yelling things about him being the "Hero" and such, though, as his assistant, you had to put up with it every day rather than just at the meetings. Sometimes you thought the others were a bit lucky for that. Everyone was fighting as usual too, their yelling echoing about the building. You stood there sighing, wondering how late the meeting would run this time. You knew that nothing would get done today, as nothing ever gets done.
    "C'mon it'll be fun." Ah, and there it was, Alfred trying to get someone to do something completely off topic, probably England. It was just enough to set you over the edge. You were tired of getting nowhere at the end of every meeting.
    "EVERYONE, JUST SHUT UP!" You yelled at the top of your lungs, finally fed up with the arguing. "We came here to get things done; not to argue, but just as we always do, everyone ends up fighting. Why can't we do what we came here to do?! Sometimes, you just need to put aside your differences for the better!" You hissed, your voice a dangerous quiet. The squabbling ceased immediately, the countries surprised that (Name), patient and ever-tolerant (Name), was the one to snap and not someone like Ludwig. They stared at you, some nodding slightly and others opening their mouths to start speaking when their words were interrupted by a certain blond.
    "Dude, someone obviously woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Why don't you let the HERO cheer you up!" Alfred said as he ran towards you, arms flailing, showing no signs of stopping.

"A-Alfred w-what the hell are you doing?!" You screamed as the man picked you up and started to spin.  "Put me down!!"
    "You're such a downer,(Name)." Alfred pouted after you made him set you back on the safe and non-spinning ground. To say the least, you had a bit of a fear of heights. Trying to calm yourself, you let out a shaky sigh.
    "Let's just get on with what we need to do." You said with a wary expression.
    "Alright then, who is going to start?" someone among the crowd of nations asked.
(will go along something like this for story)
Reader: "Well, look at the time... I must get going."
England: "I'm afraid you never actually told me why you were here, Love."
Reader: "Ah, well, I'm going to study in Glasglow... You know the art school there..?"
England: " What?! Why would you want to go there?! That bloody git of a brother I have will- "

Gone - ReaderxRussia

You shivered at the absence of the warmth that was usually beside you, eyes threatening to let the tears fall once again. You clutched the sheets where he used to sleep, face buried in his pillow. It smelled faintly of vodka and what could only be described as him.
    "I miss you." You mumbled, "Please, come home soon, Ivan"
ScotlandxReader- (the unfinished story for Cam's contest, I'm still sorry for not getting it done T.T)

"I just freaking love you." You hissed, your sarcasm lacing every word like a deadly poison. You directed the statement to the mysterious force that kept making everything go wrong. First, you had gotten to the airport late, barely making your flight to Glasgow. On the airplane, you accidentally spilled your drink on your clothes and unable to change, had to sit there sticky for fifteen hours until the plane landed.

When it did land, you couldn't find your luggage. Turns out someone had a luggage bag that looked exactly like yours except for the tag, and when that was cleared up and you'd changed, your new employer called and said he wasn't going to be able to make it to the airport to show you where you were going to be staying, and that he had sent one of the regulars to go instead, then hung up without describing him, only that you'd "know when you saw him".

"I hate ye too, lassie." A rugged voice sounded from behind you. It sounded almost... amused.

"Oh, I didn't mean--" You spun around, your apology catching in your throat as you took in the owner of the deep, sultry voice. "" Your voice trailed off. His shockingly red hair complimented two glimmering, forest green eyes. He seemed so familiar.

"Iain?!" You exclaimed, shock keeping you in place.

"Aye, (Name)?" A giant smile spread on your face.
    "How long has it been?" You laughed, dropping your carry-on bag by your luggage, you encased the man in a hug. Iain stiffened at this, but eventually wrapped his arms around you in return.
PrussiaxReader- Mah Cookies
    "Gilbert, don't move a muscle." You spoke dangerously quiet to a certain albino, who just happened to be in your kitchen, …with your cookie jar. A mischievous smirk played across your face.
    "(Name).. vhy are you looking at ze awesome Prussia like zat?" He asked innocently, well, as innocent as Prussia could get, while taking a bite of one of your cookies.

"You do realize that those are my cookies, right?" You said in an equally innocent voice, putting extra emphasis on "my".

"Kesesese~ Ja, I do." A smirk that mirrored your own spread across his lips, eyes holding a certain gleam as they stared at you.
MattxReader (Deathnote)

"No, no!" You yelled, head swaying from side to side slightly. Tears poured from your (e/c) as realization crept over you and a small wave of pure dread wove its way down your spine. Your hand tightened around the arm of the black chair you were in when you heard that soft, husky voice whisper in your ear a few seconds before. The other hand, holding the cellphone in front of you, was shaking, the device slipping from your grip, clattering to the floor.
That was the only thing you had heard after your sing-song "Hello?" reached the other end of the line. An annoying beeping sound followed immediately after the answering phrase.
   Recovering from your shock you stood, small streams of tears sliding down your face, and hurriedly gathered your phone and keys and ran into your room. Taking a deep breath to steady your ragged gasps you wiped away the tears still clinging to your cheeks. He had gone to join Mello in his crazy search for Kira in a race against L's investigation. They had purposefully left you out, most likely to keep you safe. However, you didn't want left alone.
Not again.
Reader/new country tells Russia something like:
"Have you even seen your own country?! It is a beautiful place! Stop focusing on the bad things Sure you've had bad times, but the people who live in this land are kind just like... Just like  you."
RussiaxReader - Memories

Breaths came softly from a girl sleeping peacefully in a mess of blankets. Her face, which looked like the cool, perfect porcelain of a doll in the moonlight, twitched slightly, dispelling the illusion. Soon it twitched again, the small spasm slightly more prominent than the last. A dream. Memories resurfacing again of him as her mind tried, just as it had so many times before, to make sense of what happened, that day so long ago..
    The crisp, newly fallen snow glittered in the sunlight of an unusually clear Russian afternoon.
   " _____!" A young tan-haired boy smiled slightly under a cream-coloured scarf that covered the bottom half of his face. His deep purple eyes shining. A young (h/c) girl stood up from where she was crouching, a wide smile working it's way on to her flushed face.
EnglandxReader - Sherlock Holmes
    Curling up, warm in a blanket on the couch, you brought your knees to your chest, resting a copy of Sherlock Holmes on your lap. Your eyes poured over each word on the pages. Arthur walked in, a couple of tea cups in his hands. He stopped when he saw you on the couch and smiled to himself when he spotted the book in your hands. Coming up next to the couch, he sat beside you.
    "I see you found my book. Tea?" He said amused, offering you a cup.
    "Thank you, and it's a great book, Sherlock Holmes is actually one of my favorites." You replied, sipping the Earl Grey, "Mmm.."
This will end up to be an EnglandxReader or an IrelandxReader
    You sat there and stared at your innocent cellphone as it lay on your table. You were currently sitting in a tall chair at a high table in one of your favorite cafés. Arthur had promised to meet you there, and would normally call if he couldn't make it, but you hadn't heard anything from him. Clutching your cup of tea, you wondered what was keeping him.
    "Mr. Kirkland, where are you~?" You sang in a quiet breath. Turning your head so you eyes could wander among the people outside, you thought back to a conversation you had a few days ago.
~start flashback~
    "(Name), have you ever met my older brothers?" Arthur looked at you with an exasperated expression. He'd just gotten off the phone with, well, someone whom he wasn't very happy with, and now had his head on the table.
    "Can't say I have... Why do you ask?" You laughed slightly at the weary look he gave you.
    "If you can, avoid them," He groaned, sitting up from his slouched position, "Bloody wankers are no good."
    "I doubt that I will never meet at least one of them, I do visit your house after all." You replied. Arthur sighed.

~end flashback~
    You were startled from your thoughts by an annoying buzzing. Moving your hand from its place under your chin, you flipped open your cell and spoke your usual greeting without bothering to check the caller ID.
    "(Name)?" A familiar voice said.
    "Arthur? Where are you?"
    "I'm sorry Love, but I can't make it." His voice cracked and sounded hoarse.   
    "Are you okay? You sound horrible.." A slight sliver of worry lined your voice.
    "Its nothing, just a small cold-" He was interrupted by a long fit of coughing.
    "I'm going over there." The worry was blatantly obvious now.
    "But you will end up getting sick-!" the violent coughing started again.
    "That's it Arthur, I'm coming right now, whether you want me to or not!" You slammed your phone shut, drank what little was left of your tea, and went to your car. You weren't going to take for an answer; You were going to help your friend get better.
SpainxReader (which will probably never get finished)
    "I love you, mi tomate." Antonio snuggled up beside you, his arms sliding around you in a hug. You only laid there on his bed unmoving. Your back was to him and a slight frown was on your face.
    "I hate you." You replied rather childishly. The man laying by you sighed at this and leaned in close, his breath tickling your ear.
    "You don't really mean that, do you (Name)?" Flipping over to face your lover you looked at him in the eyes. Those beautiful, bright, emerald eyes.
    "We missed our flight back to the U.S. all because of-" Antonio interrupted you.
    "It's not like you didn't want to leave España yet." You looked away from his alluring eyes guiltily.
I dont even.. well, I do, here is all and I mean ALL of the Fanfiction I've been working on (And Cam you'll probably recognize the beginings to most of them) I stuck TT^TT
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